Here you can find a full list of published comics. New episodes are gonna be out twice a week so stay tuned đŸ™‚

No.1: A Cup of Adventure Please

No.2: Why you should go nomadding together

No.3: Danang is a digital nomad’s dream

No.4: Getting a bit carried away

No.5: Old Habits Die Hard

No.6: Ups and Downs of Being a Digital Nomad

No.7: Here Goes the Sun

No.8: Ups and Downs of Being a Digital Nomad Part 2

No.9: A Christmas Special, In Technicolor

N0.10: Someone’s Sold (another Christmas special)

No.11: Why Not Both?

No.12: Same same, but different

No.13: Catching Up With Friends

No.14: Walk a Mile In My Shoes

No.15: Digital Nomad Spotting Guide

No.16: FAQ 01: OK Google, Where To Eat?

No.17: Where the Heart Is

No.18: Weight Obsession

No.19: Mini Identity Crisis

No.20: 2 Types of Overpacking

No.21: Moral Combat

No.22: The Danger of Brainstorming Before Bed

No.23: Seven Deadly Sins of a Digital Nomad

No.24: Why I Use Headphones

No.25: It’s That Time of The Year Again

No.26: Life of a Digital Nomad’s Wallet

No.27: The Hardest Problems

No.28: It’s Not Easy Being Green

No.29: The Cycle of a Nomad’s Home

No.30: The Joy of (Hardly) Cooking

No.31: Our First Nyepi

No.32: Digital Nomad Olympics

No.33: Too Much of a Good Thing

No.34: A Digital Nomad’s Worst Nightmare

No.35: The Packing Evolution of a Digital Nomad

No.36: The Digital-Nomad-Spreading

No.37: Being a Digital Nomad… what people think I do

No.38: Canggu Nomads

No.39: The Greatest Motivation

No.40: Getting Sick

No.41: Being Effective

No.42: Decisions, decisions

No.43: Slowmad or Gomad

No.44: Ubud Digital Nomads

No.45: Remotely Well Done

No.46: The Idea Stash

No.47: Every Remote Meeting

No.48: Technically, It’s Still Home Decor

No.49: A Digital Nomad’s Struggle

No.50: The Elephant In The Backpack

No.51: Nomads vs Covid-19

No.52: Vegetarians/Vegan Are The Best…

No.53: Take that title off, what are you?

No.54: Office vs. Remote

No.55: 6 Stages of COVID grief